Riga resident’s card

Card's advantages

Riga resident’s card is issued free of charge for those who have declared their residence/own a real estate in Riga. Riga resident’s card is a document which confirms the identity of Riga resident and provides possibilities of multifunctional use.

  • E-ticket

    The possibility of paying fare in public transport including buses, trolleybuses and minibuses, as well as of using discounts in the network of Riga city public transport.

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  • Electronic key

    Can be used as an e-key in dwelling houses and areas.

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  • Social card

    The possibility for low-income persons to get hot food in special distribution places in Riga.

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  • Discount card

    Possibility of using discounts in Riga municipality and also when buying products and services from cooperation partners.

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  • E-wallet

    Enables paying for parking services at a more advantageous tariff. In the future paying for other services and products will be also possible.

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Riga resident’s card is attached to one user and contains its user’s data – photo, name, surname, identity code.