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Registring “Riga’s resident card” at Aiņa Dābola Office, customers will get 20% discount for voluntary annual income statement preparation and submission to the State Revenue Service.

How get service?

1. Riga’s resident card owner has to arrive to Ainis Dābols office at 1 Talejas Street, Riga, LV-1978, Latvia. He has to bring valid Riga’s resident card, Passport or ID card, as well as all documents that proves eligible expenses, and information about bank account number.
2. Ainis Dābols office employee, if necessary registers client as EDS user and receives from customer all necessary information.
3. Riga’s resident card owner pays for services 20% discount.
4. State Revenue Service within five working days gives ESD user code to customer.
5. After EDS customer code is received, annual income statement is filled.
6. Employee of Ainis Dābols office announces customer amount of tax overpayment that is refundable.
7. Within three months customer from State Revenue Service will receive tax overpayment in his bank account.


More information about consultations: www.dabols.lv
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