Riga resident’s card



Offer Discount


Funeral agency "ATVADAS" offers funeral services in Riga, all regions of Latvia and also abroad since 1993.

Clients of funeral agency "ATVADAS", who have an electronically registered Riga resident’s card, are granted a 5% discount on funeral and cremation services:

  • delivery to mortuary;
  • mortuary services (storage at mortuary until the funeral day, dressing, makeup);
  • coffins;
  • funeral accessories (funerary palls, shoes, national style cover);
  • catafalque services;
  • carriers services;
  • funeral services (religious or secular);
  • music;
  • burial or cremation;
  • funeral wreathes;
  • mourning ribbons;
  • sepulchral crosses;
  • bus for mourners;
  • preparation of documents.

Orders can be also placed at www.atvadas.lv.

The funeral agency continues to issue funeral service liabilities, under which the delivery to and storage in the mortuary is for free.

24/7 phone: 20692069
Offices in Riga: Bruņinieku Street 64
                          Hipokrāta Street 2
e-mail: atvadas@gmail.com