Riga resident’s card




AS “Balticom”

AS Balticom offers new clients – holders of Riga resident’s card a 30-euro discount on new connections.

Balticom is a telecommunications company providing TV, Internet and telephony services in Riga and   Riga district.

For more information, visit www.balticom.lv or call +371 29 333 333.

We operate in Latvia for more than 19 years and hold a stable place among other market players.

Balticom pays particular attention to providing a wide range of high quality services and individual approach to our customers. We also offer special tariffs to students, pensioners etc. 


More than 55,000 households already use Balticom services, and this number continues to grow!

Why do consumers choose Balticom?

We offer:

  • free connection of the service;
  • 24/7 technical support (including holidays);
  • the contract remains valid in case of address change (if our services are available at the new address, the contract is transferred there);
  • 150 TV channels, including 55 HD channels;
  • you can connect several TV-sets at home for the same price;
  • European quality standard guarantees maximum quality.

Conditions of using the discount:

A holder of an electronically registered Riga resident’s card may be granted a discount on the subscription fee for the Internet and TV service package in case of a new connection when signing a contract with AS “Balticom. The discount is valid for one connection if the contract is signed for 24 months.  The discount may not be used to repay a debt to AS “Balticom” or exchanged for money. The granted discount does not sum up with other discounts or promotion offers. The offer is only valid for private individuals who are new client if the connection is technically feasible.