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IL Patio, IL Patio & Planeta Sushi, T.G.I. Friday’s.

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IL Patio

„IL Patio” is a network of Italian family restaurants whose concept dates back to 1993. The interior of «IL Patio» is decorated in bright fiery tones. Mild lighting and well thought-out music in the background create the cosy atmosphere of a hospitable Italian family. Guests of the restaurant are offered food from different Italian regions: light salads, various snacks, true pizza, different types of pasta, as well as grilled meat, fish and seafood.




Kaļķu Street 6, Riga
Phone: 67220758

Monday 11.00-23.00
Tuesday 11.00-23.00
Wednesday 11.00-23.00
Thursday 11.00-23.00
Friday 11.00-3.00
Saturday 11.00-3.00
Sunday 11.00-23.00


IL Patio & Planet Sushi

 IL Patio & Planet Sushi is a restaurant combining the classical dishes of the joyful Italian cuisine with those of the well-tempered Japanese cuisine. It is like visiting the two countries at the same time. The menu of the Italian restaurant offers a variety of seafood, meat, pastas, pizzas and desserts. In the Japanese restaurant, joy can enjoy macs, sets, Japanese soups and ramen typical of this cuisine.



Vaļņu Street 26, Riga
Tel.: 67 226 901

Monday 12.00-23.00
Tuesday 12.00-23.00
Wednesday 12.00-23.00
Thursday 12.00-23.00
Friday 12.00-3.00
Saturday 12.00-3.00
Sunday 12.00-23.00


T.G.I. Friday’s

T.G.I. Friday’s is „Thank God It’s Friday’s”, a network of world-renowned restaurants since 1965.

The interior design of T.G.I. Friday’s has been taken from an American movie with an ordinary café shown in one of the episodes: soft chairs, posters of popular movies on the walls, polite staff. Nice and friendly atmosphere.

T.G.I. Friday’s offers traditional American salads, sandwiches, special hamburgers, stakes, and specialities from the American South-West. You should certainly taste some of hamburgers, which is one of T.G.I. Friday’s specialities. The restaurants also offer a wide choice of cocktails.



Kaļķu Street 6, Riga
Phone: 67 229 071

Monday 12.00-23.00
Tuesday 12.00-23.00
Wednesday 12.00-23.00
Thursday 12.00-23.00
Friday 12.00-0.00
Saturday 12.00-0.00
Sunday 12.00-23.00

"Rīga" airport, Mārupes region
Tel.: 67 350 206

Monday 9.00-22.00
Tuesday 9.00-22.00
Wednesday 9.00-22.00
Thursday 9.00-22.00
Friday 12.00-0.00
Saturday 9.00-22.00
Sunday 9.00-22.00

Holders of electronically registered Riga resident’s card are given a 15% discount in restaurants “IL Patio”, IL Patio & Planeta Sushi and T.G.I. Friday’s.*

              *Discounts do not sum up with other discounts and do not apply to special offers, delivery, alcohol in bottles and lunch offers.