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MB STAR Baltic Autoserviss


MB STAR Baltic Autoserviss

MB STAR Baltic is well known as a high-quality service centre of Mercedes Benz cars in the Baltics. We offer full troubleshooting and repair works for all car brands, not only for Mercedes:

  • repair of engines and automatic gearboxes;
  • restoration of air suspension;
  • restoration of brake supports;
  • restoration of turbo compressors;
  • restoration of starters and generators;
  • restoration of fuel injectors;
  • repair of all electric systems;
  • welding works;
  • car maintenance (oils, filters, brake discs, brake pads).

In our service centre, we use both original and high-quality generic spare parts. MB STAR Baltic employs certified staff with proper education. All repair processes are controlled with due diligence to ensure that technology requirements and time schedules be observed. We provide guarantee for all repair works performed. All works are pre-agreed with the client. Your car’s maintenance records are stored on our server.

Holders of electronically registered Riga resident’s cards are given a 25% on the total bill amount.


Address: Kroņu iela 13, Riga
Contact phone: +371 29 405 405