Riga resident’s card



Offer Discount


Clients of „ONLYWAY” – holders of electronically registered Riga resident’s cards are offered a 10% discount on all gold and silver jewellery.

Riga jewellery factory „ONLYWAY” offers a wide range of jewellery made of gold, silver and platinum with precious and semi-precious stones, as well as watches and table utensils for very good prices.

Jewellery factory ONLYWAY® was founded in 1989. Ever since, it has been always committed to its clients, offering only quality goods and services, unique online service and a safe payment system. We offer buyers:

— free delivery worldwide,

— guarantee of indisputable return of goods at any time,

— life-long quality guarantee,

— manufacturer’s prices,

— safe system of payments in any currency,

— permanent actions, bonuses, gifts!

More information is available at on our website at www.onlyway.gold or by phone: +371-287-99-288.