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Company SHEVLAD operates on Latvia’s market since 2006, and today is developing five projects in different fields: www.euroled.lv, www.bixenon.lv, www.euroscooter.lv, www.tandirs.lv, www.euroflizes.lv. The names of the projects reflect their essence.

For more information, please visit the websites or email to info@euroled.lv

SIA SHEVLAD has three shops in Riga, where you are welcome in the working hours given below:

In our shop at Katlakalna 13, every active user of a Riga resident’s card having registered the card at the cash desk will be granted discounts on goods!

About projects


This is an international project of SHEVLAD, whose recognition among other companies and consumers is growing every day. It is true that by investing in energy effectiveness measures you can reduce your energy consumption even by 50%!
We over energy-saving LED lighting for all tastes to both private individuals and legal entities, for your house of apartment, office, transport, sporting grounds, shops, restaurants, warehouses, industrial premises etc.
In our shops, you will find a wide range of goods: lamps, searchlights, LED-light garlands, lanterns, LED-tames, sign lighting, panels, decorative lighting, daylight illumination, chandeliers, you can also buy all these products after placing an order on our web store.
Our experts are always ready to provide professional consultation or advice in the process of choosing goods.


SIA SHEVLAD offers its clients a wide range of car and bike tuning accessories. You can find the full range of goods on our website.
We buy 95% of goods directly from manufacturers’ plants, that is why we can offer our clients the lowest prices in Europe. 


Is a co-founder of a LED-lighting accessory plant. The warranty period for all goods is from 2 to 5 years.  We offer gyroscooters and scooters for both parents and children. Models for children are adjusted to child’s body and provided with safety functions.


SIA SHEVLAD is the direct representative of the manufacturer’s plant in Latvia. Only high-quality and ecologically clean materials are used in manufacturing tandoors. We check the quality of all the materials used in tandoor manufacturing. The high durability of ready product is ensured by processing of raw materials before they are used in manufacture. Particular attention is paid to the model range. The wide range of tandoors includes amateur models for domestic use and professional ones for cafes and restaurants. In our shops, you can find a suitable tandoor at the best price. Only here you can also buy various accessories for tandoors, as well as get an expert’s advice.


In the nearest future, we will open a new department in our shop at Katlakalna, 13, where all types of tiles of both standard and non-standard size will be offered. The tiles are already available; you can see them on our webpage or buy in the shop.