Riga resident’s card


SIA „Skrivanek Baltic”


SIA „Skrivanek Baltic”

SIA „Skrivanek Baltic” offers Riga resident card holders a 10% discount on translation of identity documents (passport, ID card, birth certificate) into Latvian, Russian, English and German.

Skrivanek Baltic is a certified translation agency, which operates in Latvia since 2003 offering high-quality language services. Skrivanek is also one of the biggest language service providers in the world with more than 20 years of experience. We provide written translation services in more than 110 languages and interpretation services in more than 40 languages!

For more information: visit Skrivanek.lv , call 8000 72 72 or email to birojs@skrivanek.lv!

SIA „Skrivanek Baltic” Training centre

We offer Riga resident card holders a 15% discount on learning languages in groups – chose from more than 10* languages for different levels! English, Danish, German, French or may be Swedish?

Skrivanek Baltic is one of the leading language service providers in Latvia providing high-quality language training to both adults and children. Our training centre has a wide experience in implementing various language training projects, we teach more than 10 different languages in groups and offer even a wider choice for individual lessons.

Master a foreign language at Skrivanek Baltic Training centre:

– learning a foreign language has never been as interesting and comfortable;
– the price of training course includes formation of groups after testing the level of language knowledge and progress;
– WiFi and hot drinks available;
– you get a certificate after learning the language on the necessary level and passing the final test.

Language courses are organised in Riga centre, using the modern EFFECTO method patented by Skrivanek, which is implemented by our professional and highly competent teachers.

For more information: visit valodumacibas.lv, call 8000 72 72 and +371 29 337 892 or email to skola@skrivanek.lv!

*The timetable of the language courses is updated regularly. If you don’t find the necessary language, contact us. Discounts do not sum up; clients can choose the biggest discount.

SIA „Skrivanek Baltic” camps for children and youth

We offer Riga resident card holders a 7 EUR discount on language and recreation camps for children and youth in Riga.

The goal of Skrivanek camps is to offer children not only to take advantage of fun activities, but also spend their holidays usefully – improving their skills and meeting new friends! Skrivanek camps are:

– an excellent way of meeting new friends and learning more;
– safe and well-organized environment;
– experienced, responsible and competent camp managers and pedagogues;
– new knowledge and skills, an opportunity to improve or brush up your foreign language in an informal environment;
– an opportunity to develop your sense of responsibility emotional intelligence and tolerance;
– a school of positive thinking and communication;
– recreation after routine.

Learn more about one of some of 20* day camps: visit bernunometnes.lv, call +371 29 337 892 or email to nometnes@skrivanek.lv

All Skrivanek Baltic are organised in conformity with Cabinet Regulations No. 981 „The Order of Organisation and Functioning of Children Camps”.

*The timetable of camps is regularly updated. Discounts do not sum up; clients can choose the biggest discount.